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Mediacorp is changing the way how TV is being bought by introducing a new pricing structure based on a CPM model. This ensures a consistent buying language and method, completely aligned to how marketers are thinking and buying media.

Digital Video Inventory Buy


Cost Per Thousand, or the cost to reach the maximum possible audience.


Cost Per View, usually counted upon a 6s view by the viewer. Often, to prevent ad fatigue while maximising reach and frequency, frequency caps are applied. Limited to digital inventory only.

TV Video Inventory Buy

[New] CPM

Cost Per Thousand, converted from GRPs (Gross Rating Points) - advertisers can now buy using a consistent and comparable currency to digital video inventory.

Blended CPV

Cost Per Viewer, enables advertisers to maximise reach and frequency across TV and digital platforms. Our proprietary system optimises reach on-the-go to ensure the most unique viewers are reached by your campaign.

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We make it more efficient

TV is a powerful tool for building your brand and driving response, delivering incredible audience reach of over 3.7 million*across free-to-air and cable TV on a weekly basis. Mediacorp TV plays an important role in conveying credibility, dimensionality and context to any campaign. To unleash the potential of Mediacorp TV for all advertisers, we have evolved our pricing to ensure that our National Screens are more effective than ever in terms of affordability, cost, reach and frequency. Take a look at our new rates which will take effect on 1 April 2019.

Average Spot Rate (30 sec) & respective CPM – at a glance

Channel Ch8 ChU Ch5 Suria Vasantham
Language Mandarin Mandarin English Malay Tamil
Average Spot Rate
(Average CPM)
Average Spot Rate
(Average CPM)
Day Off-Prime Time $668
Prime Time $3,594
Night Off-Prime Time $71

For more information on specific TV spot rates, please contact us at 6333 9888, email or contact your media agency.

Average CPMs are based on P15+ for all channels except for Suria and Vasantham which are based on Malays 15+ and Indians 15+ respectively

Average CPMs are derived from rating '000 generated by Evogenius based on 1 April - 31 October 2018 data

All average spot rates and CPM are estimated across defined timebelts and subject to changes

Definition of Timebelt:

Ch8: Prime Time - 6.30pm - 12mn

ChU: Prime Time - 7pm - 12mn

Ch5: Prime Time - 7pm - 12mn

Suria: Prime Time - 7pm - 11pm

Vasantham: Prime Time - 7pm - 11pm (Monday -Friday), 3pm-12mn (Saturday) & 1pm-11pm (Sunday)

All channels: Off-Prime Time - Belts outside Prime Time

Combining a selection of channels is a great way to reach multiple audience segments. We now have a selection of highly optimised smart packages that deliver the ultimate combination of ease, value, and reach your brand is looking for.

Some of our most requested packages:

Package Channel Pkg Price Net Estimated Total Impressions CPM # PT Spots Per Channel (30s) # OPT Spots Per Channel (30s) Total # Spots (All CH, 30s)
Max Smart Pack Ch8 + Ch5 + ChU $13,888 2,155,000 $6.4 3 8 33
Ace Smart Pack Ch8 + Ch5 $12,888 1,474,000 $8.7 3 8 22
Chinese Smart Pack Ch8 + ChU $12,888 1,912,000 $6.7 3 8 22
Value Smart Pack ChU + Ch5 $6,888 924,000 $7.5 3 8 22

Impression and CPM are based on P15+

Impression is based on data from Evogenius for the period of 1 April 2017 – 31 March 2018

Average CPMs are derived from rating '000 generated by Evogenius based on 1 April 2017 - 31 March 2018 data

All package CPMs are estimated across defined timebelts and subject to changes

For more information on how your next campaign can benefit from our new rates and packages, please contact us at 6333 9888 , email or contact your media agency.

*Source: Nielsen Media Index 2018
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We make it more effective

As the national broadcaster, Mediacorp provides a truly integrated "national screens" ecosystem. When brands advertise with Mediacorp, they do so in a credible and brand-safe environment which continues to have pervasive reach and relevance. With key research confirming that integrated transmedia campaigns being 31% more effective*, we encourage you to explore all of Mediacorp's transmedia opportunities.

*Source: AdReaction: The Art of Integration Report 2018, Kantar Millward Brown
A Typical Multiscreen Consumer Journey

Ride on our new unified transmedia Master Contract to enjoy volume discounts that will stretch your marketing dollar further as you engage your target audiences across Mediacorp's wide range of media touchpoints. Enjoy the benefits of our new unified Master Contract with a total net commitment as low as $60,000 per annum. What’s more, you will no longer have to commit specific budgets to particular platforms, enabling you to enjoy the ultimate in flexibility.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of our unified Master Contract and its volume discount structure.
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